Top Kitchen Design Trends to Look for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project in 2023

Top Kitchen Design Trends to Look for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project in 2023

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home, and it’s not surprising that we strive to make sure it is both attractive and practical. As kitchen remodeling trends evolve, so does the style of our kitchens. To stay up-to-date with the latest look, this article will give you a rundown of the top kitchen design trends to watch for in 2023. By following these fresh ideas, you can have a kitchen that oozes sophistication and style – perfect for cooking, dining, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials

Embracing sustainability is one of the hottest kitchen remodeling trends for 2023. Materials such as bamboo, cork, recycled glass, and reclaimed wood are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also help conserve resources and promote a greener lifestyle. By choosing these materials, you can reduce your environmental impact and make your space more sustainable. You can also opt for energy-efficient appliances that are good for the environment and your energy costs.

Technology-Integrated Kitchens

With the rise of smart home technology, it’s no surprise that technology-integrated kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is all about incorporating the latest technology, like touchless faucets, smart appliances, and lighting that you can control with your voice, into your kitchen design. These features make cooking and cleaning easier and more efficient than ever before.

Bold and Vibrant Colors

Gone are the days of neutral, beige kitchens. In 2023, bold and vibrant colors are in. Think jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue or bright and sunny yellows and oranges. These colors add energy and personality to your kitchen and make it a fun and lively space to be in.

Multi-Functional Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have been a popular feature for some time, but in 2023, they’re getting a makeover. Multi-functional kitchen islands are the new trend, incorporating features like built-in sinks, storage, and even seating. This creates a space that is both functional and inviting, perfect for cooking and entertaining.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is a necessity for any well-designed kitchen, as it illuminates key activities such as cooking, reading, and working. This type of lighting helps to improve visibility and reduce eyestrain, making tasks more comfortable and easier to carry out. Consider incorporating some of these lighting options into your kitchen design:

  • Recessed Lighting
  • Under-cabinet Lighting
  • Pendant Lighting

Mixed Metals

Gone are the days of matching hardware and fixtures. In 2023, mixed metals are in. Mixing brass, copper, and stainless steel is the key to this trend. This creates a unique and eclectic look that adds depth and interest to your kitchen.

Natural and Organic Materials

Another trend for 2023 is the use of natural and organic materials in your kitchen design. These materials include natural stone, wood, and other natural elements that add warmth and texture to your space. This trend is all about bringing the outdoors in and creating a sense of tranquility and calm in your kitchen. Natural materials also go well with stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, and quartz.

Concealed Storage and Appliances

Clutter is the enemy of good kitchen design, which is why concealed storage and appliances are a must-have in 2023. This trend involves incorporating hidden storage solutions like pull-out pantries, as well as concealing appliances like the refrigerator and dishwasher behind cabinet fronts. This creates a clean countertop space, comfy seating, and a streamlined look that makes your kitchen feel open and airy. This is one of the most helpful kitchen design ideas for people who entertain guests but have to deal with tight spaces.

Open Shelving and Display Cabinets

On the other end of the kitchen layout, open shelving and display custom cabinetry are also a hot trend for 2023. This trend is all about showcasing your favorite dishes and accessories and creating a visually appealing space that feels lived in and loved. Whether you opt for floating shelves or glass cabinets, open storage solutions can be a great way to add personality and character to your kitchen. Not only do they provide a space to display your favorite items, but they also make it easy to access and organize your cookware and dishes.

When it comes to open shelving and display cabinets, it’s important to consider your style. Mixing textures and colors, layering different heights, installing under-cabinet lighting, and incorporating greenery are all great ways to create an eye-catching display. Just remember to keep it practical and avoid overcrowding the upper cabinets to maintain a clutter-free look.

Bold Backsplashes

The final kitchen design trend to look for in 2023 is bold backsplashes. Whether it’s a colorful mosaic, patterned tile, or textured stone, a statement backsplash can be a great way to add interest and personality to your kitchen. Not only do subway tile and marble backsplashes make a visual impact, but they’re also practical, protecting your walls from splashes and spills.

When it comes to choosing a backsplash, don’t be afraid to be bold and go for something that stands out. Just make sure it complements the overall design of your kitchen and doesn’t clash with other elements like countertops or cabinets.

Hire a Professional for Your design and remodeling needs

If you’re considering a home renovation or kitchen makeover, you may be wondering whether to hire a professional design and remodeling service or tackle the project on your own. While a DIY approach may be tempting, there are several reasons why hiring a professional service is the best option. Hiring a professional design and remodeling service offers several benefits over a DIY approach. Professionals have the expertise and experience to transform your space efficiently and effectively while saving you time and kitchen remodel costs. They can create a custom plan tailored to your unique needs and preferences and offer quality workmanship using high-quality materials. By handling all aspects of the project, they can provide peace of mind and ensure that your project is successful. Overall, working with a professional service is the best option for creating a space that you love.

Trust Jim Keller Kitchen, Bath & Home for Any Kitchen Remodeling Project

There are plenty of exciting kitchen design trends to look for in 2023. From sustainable materials and technology-integrated kitchens to bold colors and mixed metals, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re planning a full kitchen remodel or just looking to update a few key features, these trends are sure to inspire you to create a kitchen that is both stylish and functional.

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation or redesign, hiring a professional design and remodeling service from Jim Keller Kitchen, Bath & Home can ensure that your project is a success. Contact our professional company today to discuss your ideas and get started on creating the kitchen of your dreams!

How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Bathroom Remodeling in East Dundee, IL

How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Bathroom Remodeling in East Dundee, IL

Lighting is essential in any bathroom. It has the power to make or break the overall look and feel of the space. Proper lighting not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom but also provides practical benefits such as adequate illumination for grooming and other activities. Choosing the right lighting for your bathroom, on the other hand, can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the various types of lighting and their applications. Working with a general contractor like Jim Keller Kitchen, Bath & Home, a family-owned business in East Dundee, is recommended.

The bathroom, as a high-traffic area, necessitates clear and unobtrusive lighting. The lighting should also be comfortable, resulting in a relaxing environment. The lighting should create a safe layout, ensure even light distribution, reduce shadows or bright spots, and work with true or warm light colors.

Design Variety

Bath bars, torchieres, recessed pot lights, torchieres, traditional vanity lights, and Hollywood strip lights are just a few of the bathroom lighting options. Choose a style that appeals to you, and then consider whether it is appropriate for a specific room in your home, such as the bathroom, toilet, master bath, or basement. Bath bar lights are contemporary and diffuse light over or alongside the mirror, whereas bath strips are retro and have exposed bulbs.

You can mount ceiling lights flush, recessed into the ceiling, or hang a little lower to help disperse light around the room. Vanity lighting features multiple lights on a single bar mount with individual shades, allowing for customization of the room’s illumination.

Light Quality

Light quality is determined by more than just the wattage of the bulb in the fixture. Color temperature, lumens, and color rendering index are all important considerations. Lumens on the packaging indicate the brightness of the light, with higher numbers indicating a brighter light.

Check the color accuracy, or rendering index, and the light color on the light bulb packaging to determine the lighting temperature. A bathroom light color between 3500 and 4000 kelvin is ideal because it mimics the clarity and quality of natural light. This reduces the bluish tint, which can alter your color perception in brighter lighting.

Light Direction

Layering the lighting by incorporating various types of light fixtures allows you to ensure proper illumination in all areas of the room. That goes for the bathroom just as much as it does for the kitchen, basement, living room, and bedroom.

Ambient lighting provides a soft, glowing light that radiates off ceilings, light-colored walls, and other reflective surfaces to light the entire room. Wall fixtures installed above eye level or overhead lights with soft shades usually provide this light.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting can emphasize a room’s design, just like accent lighting. You can use wall sconces, spotlights, and tape lighting in the bathroom to add creative elements and highlight specific areas. It is best to consider the purpose and layout of each bathroom area to get the most out of your bathroom lighting layout.

Basics of Bathroom Lighting

Combine recessed lighting with sconces, pendants, or a vanity light over the bathroom mirror to add ambient lighting. You can use lighted mirrors, medicine cabinets, wall strips, or sconces for grooming and makeup. Install a recessed, wet-rated light over the bath or shower for safety. To make the room appear more open or taller, use LED strips under shelves or mirrors to create shadows and depth.

Light Size Matters

To ensure evenly dispersed light over the face, consider the following guidelines when placing a light over the vanity mirror:

  • Center the light above the sink.
  • Install the light between 75-78 inches off the floor to avoid glare.
  • Choose a light fixture 25-50 percent of the mirror’s width, usually around 24 inches wide.
  • For multiple sinks, opt for smaller light fixtures over each mirror to add light and make the room appear larger.

When placing light fixtures along the sides of the mirror:

  • Install side lighting at eye level.
  • Install a wall sconce or torchiere 60-66 inches above the floor.
  • Center the lighting alongside the middle height of the mirror.
  • Space lights 24-28 inches apart from other fixtures to prevent shadows or bright spots.

Moisture Ratings for Bathroom Fixtures

It is critical to consider the moisture rating when selecting a light fixture for the bathroom. All bathroom fixtures should be suitable for damp areas, and those near water sources should be suitable for wet conditions. Use dry, environment-rated fixtures away from water sources if the bathroom is well-ventilated. However, it is generally preferable to use wet or damp-rated fixtures.


Use these tips and tricks to create a restful and well-lit retreat in your master bathroom and other bathrooms. Careful placement of light sources can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the room.

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