Exciting Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Exciting Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

At Jim Keller Kitchen and Bath & Home, we are constantly looking at what’s new and interesting when it comes to kitchen design. The kitchen used to be a after thought, stuck in the back and closed off from the rest of the home. Now they are the center of activity, the gathering place, the entertainment center of the home. If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel, here’s are few of the latest trends and ideas that we are seeing.

Color in the Kitchen

White kitchens have been popular for a long time and they are still the most requested finish. Adding some color too an island or accent piece is a great way to make it your own. Using wood for and island has long been a staple but now were seeing contrasting paints moving in. Blues and greens that have the feel of nature are becoming favorites. Cabinets manufactures can match fan deck colors from your go to paint supplier or even come up with a custom color just for you!

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Backsplashes are another way to bring color into the kitchen. The 3×6 white subway tile is being replaced by colored glass tile and other non traditional shapes and finishes

Another way to bring color into your kitchen and provide a focal point are brightly colored appliances. Appliance manufacturers like Viking, KitchenAid, Bluestar and others offer a range of colors – even custom color matching in some cases!

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The Warmth of Wood in the Kitchen

While wood never completely went away in the tidal wave of white, it has taken a back seat for a while. However there are some new trends appearing. Wood is making a comeback! Wood accents in glass cabinets really warm up the painted white. Walnut and dark hickory are the new cherry and oak. Distressing and glazing can bring that antique furniture feel to a hutch or island. Wood counter- tops, maybe with a live edge really add that finishing touch.

Inset cabinets

What is old is new again! Inset style cabinetry can be traced back to early construction methods used by artisans. The door and drawers are “inset” into the face frame of the cabinetry creating a flush look to the cabinet. Partial inset, a newer version of inset, allows the doors and drawers to sit slightly proud of the face frame leading to a more transitional style. Inset is very versatile, with its many options it can give you that farmhouse look or a more formal style. Inset cabinetry is a great way stand out from the crowd and get that high end kitchen look and feel. Careful though, many manufactures are starting to add inset to their lineups but most still build using the traditional individual cabinet construction method. This requires double “stiles” and a visible seam between each individual cabinet. Inset done right requires gang built construction minimizing seams and those extra stiles.

Matte finish quartz

Matte finish quartz has really come on recently. Manufacturers like Cambria and Silestone are introducing matte versions of their colors. The matte marble look is particularly popular. Matte eliminates most of the reflections of its glossy counterpart. Undercabinet and overhead light reflections disappear. Matte countertops create a rich look and also help set your new kitchen apart from the crowd.

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These are just a few of the exciting kitchen trends we are seeing as we head into 2020. Hopefully you find this helpful and informative. Please share with your friends. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, give us a call us at 847.844.1900 or send us an email at info@jimkellerkitchens.com. If you live in the Barrington, St. Charles, Crystal Lake or surrounding areas, we can begin creating the perfect kitchen or bath for your home!

5 High-End Kitchen Countertop Choices

5 High-End Kitchen Countertop Choices

While granite has been the most popular countertop option throughout the years, it’s made its mark on the design world and is now being taken over by newer high-end materials. Although it’s still a popular option, you have many other choices to consider for your kitchen countertops.  

Are you aware of which countertops are trendy that will add a great deal of style to your space?

We have installed many luxurious and high end countertops for many families in Barrington, Inverness, St Charles, IL and more, and that’s why we have gathered five high-end kitchen countertop choices that you could display within your own home to create that perfect space. If you would like to learn more about these countertop design trends, be sure to continue reading or contact us:

  • Two Countertops Are Better Than One. Why have just one countertop when you could have two? Instead of highlighting one material in your kitchen, you can combine two different materials that complement each other and create versatility in your space. Some choose to break up the large expanse off their central island as a way to define its multiple functions. For example, your preparation area can showcase a sleek quartzite or marble, while a finished walnut can warm up your seating area for a stunning combination.
  • A Timeless Classic. If you want your kitchen to stand the test of time, have it showcasing a black and white appearance. You can update your space but still have it complementing some architectural roots. A timeless style of white cabinets paired with black countertops provides a bright yet edgy appearance. Incorporating a honed finish, or matte look to your countertops showcases a more muted finish with little shine, or maybe you would prefer a glossy quartz with marble veins. There are so many options to match your tastes even when it’s just black and white.
  • Precious Stones. You have the opportunity to add a great deal of style and beauty to your kitchen with the use of precious stones. You can have your countertops in all stone for a truly luxurious appearance. You can also make your kitchen one of a kind by incorporating precious stones, which adds dimension and gives an eye-catching appearance. Popular choices include jade, rose quartz, blue agate, even copper.
  • Marble. If you are searching for a countertop material that has been a kitchen countertop staple for years, then look no further than marble! Extremely durable, marble is sure to not only make a beautiful statement throughout your kitchen but hold up for many years to come. Marble is a popular trend for islands and lately many choose to waterfall the marble vertically down to the floor instead of using flat countertops, for a more sophisticated statement. From black to white, you can discover the perfect color of marble to complement your personal taste.
  • Brazilian Blue Stone. Have your kitchen highlighting a one of a kind appearance by choosing Brazilian blue stone for your countertops! This unique material will create your countertops to be a focal point within your space. Pair yours with shaker-style white cabinets and you will create a bright and welcoming kitchen that everyone will certainly enjoy.

Luxurious kitchens should present a high-end appearance! As the heart of your home, you want your kitchen to be a representation of your personal style and taste. These are just five of the luxury countertops options that you could choose to present within your own home and we would love the opportunity to speak with you about your design ideas for your kitchen.

Are you ready to install high end counter tops in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago? If so, please contact us here at Jim Keller Kitchen, Bath & Home, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to help you. 

Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2019

Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2019

2019 is another year to refresh your cooking space with new trendy kitchen remodeling ideas. Whether you are planning to remodel your kitchen or get inspired for a simple refresh, there are some trends to consider for 2019. Having remodeled several kitchens over the years at Jim Keller Kitchen, Bath & Home, we know how being up to date with design trends makes a difference when considering a kitchen update. That’s why we have gathered some top kitchen design trends of 2019 to inspire the design of yours. If you are all set to discover what these trends are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Open Shelving. You likely have beautiful China or dishes within your kitchen. So why keep their beauty hidden away? You may want to consider open shelving. This is a great way for you to add even more creativity to your kitchen space, as you can have your bowls, plates and glasses on display. Whether you choose to highlight glass shelving, metal or wood, you can guarantee that your kitchen will showcase a lovely sense of style with open shelving!
  • Mixed Metals. If you feel as though every detail throughout your kitchen must match, that trend is being bucked in 2019. In fact, mixing your metals will have your kitchen showcasing a unique style! So when choosing your kitchen faucet, cabinet knobs, drawer handles and even light fixtures, consider a variety of metals to add some uniqueness to your space.
  • Seating. When you think of kitchen seating, the standard table and chairs most likely come to mind. However you can amp up your seating by featuring creative arrangements. Furniture benches for example are an ideal way to add some style to your kitchen and customized banquette seatings are also becoming increasingly popular for common areas like the kitchen, where families and friends spend time together.
  • Appliances. Innovative appliances continue to become increasingly popular and it’s all about smart kitchen ideas and appliances. As technology continues to evolve and enhance our daily lives, many appliances and gadgets are being made to suit that purpose for kitchen designs. From smart screen display fridges to remote light controls, there are plenty of tech updates to take advantage of to be more efficient in the kitchen.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and your kitchen deserves to showcase a great deal of style! These are just a few of the top kitchen design trends of 2019 that you may want to consider when thinking of updates you’d like to make to your cooking space.  If you are looking to design or update your own kitchen with an experienced kitchen designer, we’ll be more than happy to assist. Contact us at Jim Keller Kitchen, Bath & Home, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to help create yours!